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The Perfect TowerEdit

"Defend your tower at all costs and defeat all incoming enemies. Destroyed enemies drop resources. Every 25/10/5 waves you’ll receive 1 gem. Gems can be used to research new technologies or as a wildcard purchase option.

Buy upgrades with resources or gems in order to increase your chances of survival.

Research new technologies to unlock stronger upgrades. Once a technology has been researched it stays that way even when starting a new round.

There are 9 different damage types: Normal (Phyiscal), Fire, Ice, Earth, Air, Electricity, Darkness, Nature and Universal. Resistance only affects normal damage while universal resistance affects any type of damage.

Good luck & have fun!"

-Kongregate Description

Forum Edit

There are currently multiple forums, 4 Known; one at Reddit, one at kongregate, one at and one here.

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